Virtual Professional Staff

Shared Back Office staff for every day tasks

Order Management

Process customer orders quickly and accurately using predefined templates.


Bill customers on time and send by email to improve speed and response time

Reciepts Processing

Seamless processing of customer payments in just three clicks.

Credit Control

Manage receiveables and track aging items quickly.

Purchase Requisition

Control purchasing with two level authorization

Supplier Invoice

Manage payments easily for project materials or regular expenses.

Payments Control

Ensure only properly invoices are paid - on time and to the correct suppliers.


helping with regular bank reconciliations ensuring an accurate picture of your working capital


Sending timely messages to your staff by text, email or by voicemail.

Customer Services

Ensuring the right levels of service and support to your customers and other associates.

Call redirection

Redirect your calss when busy to your dedicated Back Office Support Team.

Appointments Management

Helping to organize your appointments so you spend more time of core tasks

General Payroll

Managing regular payments and expenses for full time and seasomable workers.

Certified Payroll

Helping to meet prevailaing and unionized payroll requirements

Book Keeping Services

Recording all receipts and payments accurately.

Accounting and Reporting Services

CPA services to ensure annual accounts are completed when needed.

e-Marketing Services

Helping you reach new markets and maintaing relationships with existing customers.

Social Media Management

Maximizing value through multiple channels.

Web Content Support

Use our creative teams to maintain your website content.

e-Commerce Support

Buy and sell your products and services online seamlessly and quickly.

An experienced Business Professional working with you to develop your people and technology 

When you register for the Advantage and Premium Bundles, you are assigned a dedicated Business Development professional to assist in thinking and working through the strategic and operational issues in your business.
  • Helping you focus on business growth and process improvement
  • Technical assistance with the right technology to manage your business operations
  • Help with developing your people with tailored programs
  • Helping you get to grips with planning and controls to keep you on track

Engage an Executive Consultant

C-Level expertise from $250 per week

Introducing the Executive Consultant’s Program for small New York based businesses.

The Executive Consultant Program (ECP) is an mwBeCLOUD Services initiative that embeds an experienced business and technology professional in your management team for up to 1 year or more as required.

The Executive Consultant’s Program is an exciting opportunity for small business owners to receive assistance where it is most needed and at an affordable price.

To learn more about this Program, please contact Mark Hayles on 212 202 0311 Ext. 1001 or email .

Technical Support Teams

access expert knowledge when needed

Industry specific Teams

working with the industry you are in


Are you supplying goods and services to Con Edison or other utility companies? We will help to imrove your whole Order Management, billing and recipt processing.


As a contractor or sub-contractor working with NYC Agencies, mwBeCLOUD can help you navigate all compliance matters with PMs as well as ensure timely billing for completed tasks

Retail Services

Helping small businesses better engage larger corporates with expert knowledge of ERP standrad processes

Services Industry

Helping small businesses better engage larger corporates with expert knowledge of ERP standrad processes